6 Best FIFA Games for PC/Xbox | Minimum System Requirement

3 min readSep 27, 2020

FIFA non-profit organization that is the highest managing body of association football in the world. FIFA, one of the best-selling sports video game franchises, is a series of association football video games. This FIFA develops and releases football simulation video games annually by Electronic Arts underneath the EA Sports label.

No franchise comes close to FIFA in respect to sports-based games. Due to containing very high-level things in most parts of the series, this makes it. the best IPs owned by EA Games. It is the most popular football game around, available in 51 countries of 18 languages.

What is FIFA World Game?

A free-to-play multiplayer online football game developed by Electronic Arts and announced on 9 August 2013.

Here are the 6 best FIFA games until Today:-


  • FIFA 16 is constantly compared to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.
  • This game will be remembered for bringing women’s football in.
  • FIFA 16 is deficient in harmony between fluidity and fast-paced gameplay.
  • You can play FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 without any dedicated GPU (graphics card) on Desktop or Laptop.
  • It is a more challenging game than FIFA 15 and considered better than FIFA 15.
  • It has aerial battles are more competitive similar to FIFA.
  • It is considered as one of the greatest EA games of all time according to popular Metacritic website.
  • Its gameplay, soundtrack, ambience and presentation are excellent and exclusive.
  • There is no uninteresting time while playing the game due to its quick style of play which kept gamers all-time alert.
  • FIFA 12 removes the lack of originality which tortured its predecessor.
  • The most attractive feature is the Manager Mode feeling a world of its own.
  • It was the first game not to overlay Andy Gray’s comment.
  • It was also the first time playing Ultimate Team for many players.
  • FIFA 12 is credited to initiate impact mode and more difficult tackles.

#4 Best: FIFA 11- FIFA Soccer 11

  • There are available manager mode and refined dribbling system in FIFA 11 for cutting out unnecessary fluff.
  • It is more realistic but there is proficiency in gameplay performance.
  • Pro Passing is for passing accuracy which gives a smooth gaming experience.
  • It is one of best soccer game ever made.
  • FIFA 14, great gameplay, the next fantastic game in the franchise, contains one control issue with enough features.
  • FC Barcelona is the best team playing in FIFA 14.
  • Lionel Messi, the renowned player in the world, is also present in the team.
  • FIFA 14 contains not only shooting and defence but also speed and ball skill.
  • To give you more goals, FIFA 14 contains overpowered heading having crossing observed an onus. This feature makes it better.
  • First Touch Feature that can be seen ever so far, made FIFA 14 the best and the most realistic FIFA till date.
  • For creating and scoring goals, you have to make effort in FIFA 15 than FIFA 14.
  • AI defending is more robust and faster in FIFA 15, compared to FIFA 14.

#6 FIFA 15: Football Simulation Video Game

  • A fantastic game of football contains all of the most innovative improvements to the FIFA series.
  • The new ball physics is one of the best features of FIFA 15.
  • It is considered as an association football simulation video game.
  • Has ball control, quality graphics and physics.
  • Includes 30 different championships such as Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue1, Serie A, La Liga,
  • There are more than 500 teams including 10,000 players.
  • FIFA 15 is not only for a new player but also for a seasoned veteran.
  • You can play FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 without any dedicated GPU (graphics card) on Desktop or Laptop.


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