How to Enable Camera 2 API — 100% Working [Without Root/With Root]

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Hello Friends, Today I will show How to enable camera 2 API for your mobile without root and with root. So get ready for awesome photography with advanced features. As you all know, the service of 2 API is not available in every mobile, it is available only in a few selected mobiles. So how will you use it? So don’t worry, today we will tell you some ways by which you can start Camera 2 API for Google Camera(Gcam). so without wasting time let’s move to point.

What is Google Camera(Gcam)?

Google camera is a mobile Camera application. It is developed by Google for Android users. It provides exclusive features such as HDR+, Super Res Zoom, Night Sight for better photography.

What is Camera 2 API

The Camera 2 API is a framework that allows developers to gain access to fine-grained camera controls such as exposure, focus, or ISO, which they use as advanced features to offer Android users better picture-taking as their third-party app.

Can break inexperience. This API is the successor to Android’s native camera API and uses the pipeline model, allowing developers to have direct access to camera hardware. Third-party developers can use the Camera 2 API to provide your phone’s sensors, lenses and full-frame control (30 fps burst mode), raw capture support, HDR + controls, and other smart features.

Google Camera uses some complex algorithms and AI functions in its app to capture some stunning photos. Here are all the camera controls that the Camera 2 API provides. Many flagship and mid-range smartphones are now baked with the Camera 2 API, however, this is not necessarily enabled by default.

Some phone manufacturers are offering the user manual control, filter support, and other nifty features using some Camera 2 API capabilities, but full support is still missing on a large part of the phone. If you’re wondering whether your Android camera supports the Camera 2 API, here’s a nifty method that’s similar.

How to check if your phone supports Camera 2 API

To see if one of your Android smartphones supports the Camera 2 API, all you need to do is install the Camera 2 API Probe app (free) from the Play Store. Just install the app and launch it.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Camera 2 API Probe app lists “hardware support levels” for both rear and front cameras with 0 and 1 cameras respectively. It shows information about Camera 2 API capabilities that are supported by your Android smartphone and here are the meanings for each level of the camera:

  • Legend: These Android phones only support the Camera 1 API. No Camera 2 API features are provided here.
  • Limited: These phones support some capabilities, but not all, in the Camera 2 API.
  • Complete: These phones (including the Poco F1) support all the key capabilities of the Camera 2 API.
  • LEVEL_3: These devices support YUV reprocessing and RAW image capture with additional output stream configuration.

This means that the Left side phone does not include support for the Camera 2 API and support for this will need to be enabled before installing the Google Camera. While the Right side phone is a ‘Level_3 Compliant’ and the modded Camera app is also directly installed in it.

How to Enable Camera 2 API

If your phone has the Camera 2 API enabled, then you are set too much. However, if your phone does not support the Camera 2 API, don’t worry, because you can enable the Camera 2 API on your own by routing your device, and editing the “build.prop” file on your phone, or can use Magisk to enable. Camera 2 API. Whichever path you choose is up to you and we will explain both procedures to some extent here.

Note: Rooting Android device is not a very difficult task, but it is a very reliable device, so it is not possible to explain it in detail here. We recommend handing over XDA and searching for a routing guide for your smartphone for detailed, step-by-step tutorials. We are not Responsible for any damage of your mobile. You should make a backup of your data.

Enable Camera 2 API with Using Rooting Mobile

Using Build.Prop — If you want to edit build.prop and do not want to use the Magisk module, all you need to do is download the BuildProp Editor application. You can easily install BuildProp Editor application from Google play store.

  • At the end of the Build.Prop script, insert the following line and press the Save button.
  • Just add this new Line-

Enable Camera 2 API with UnRooted Mobile

There is a Magisk module that you can also use to enable the Camera 2 API on your phone. The module, called Camera 2 API Enabler is available through XDA, and you can simply install it on your phone using Magisk Manager, and it will enable the Camera 2 API for you. By this process, you can enable camera 2 API for Google Camera.

Bonus: Special Method for Enabling Camera 2 API

Well, we have mentioned the above two ways, but despite that, that method does not work, then this third method is for them. You must have a mobile Root to use this method. But if your mobile is not rooted, then you can easily root your mobile by following this article How To ROOT Android Phones. So Follow the Given Simples Steps.


I have described How to enable Camera 2 API using Rooted/Unrooted Mobile. I also explain that what is camera 2 API and how it works. You can comment and tell which of these two methods is good and which method you used. If there is any query related to this article, you can ask us by commenting.

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