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Hello friends, today I will tell you how to find your lost phone using IMEI number. It is often seen that the mobiles of the people are stolen or lost somewhere. They try hard to find them but they do not find them. Losing your phone is a stressful experience.

Take a deep breath and use Android’s built-in tool to track your phone and find a lost phone. It happens in the blink of an eye. You place your phone on a counter at the cash register or feel a slight shock as you descend the metro, only to find later that your phone has gone. Regardless of how you lost it, whether it was stolen or a simple mistake, it is a stressful experience to lose your phone.

Not only does it cut off your worldwide connection, but your phone is also your personal device, and it’s an inconvenient annoyance. In the event your phone disappears, don’t panic! Every Android phone has tools that make it possible to easily lock and track lost phones. But first, you have to take some steps now to set yourself up for success, if your phone disappears — even if you left it at home.

Today I will tell you two ways to find your lost phone. The first one is to search by IMEI number and the second with the help of Google Finder. so let’s start learning.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI(Internation Mobile equipment identity) number is a unique 15 digit number that helps to identify devices on mobile networks. When your phone is lost or stolen then only IMEI number comes in handy. By using this you can blacklist the device which will not cause any kind of activity in mobile like data network, calling, messaging services, all carrier services etc.

How To Find My Lost Phone Using IMEI Number

The Government of India has started a portal to prevent similar activities which anyone can use. The name of this portal is CEIR(central equipment identity register) using which anyone can find their lost phone. No ID and active internet connection will be required to search your mobile by using this method. So just follow some simple steps given below.

  • First of all, before using CEIR, you will have to file a report of the theft of your mobile(even lost) at your nearest police station.
  • Then you have to go to the official site of and block request for IMEI number.
  • You will be asked some information to block your number like owner’s name, mobile number, mobile brand name, lost place, lost date, address, identity proof and more.
  • Read the questions carefully and fill the answers. For confirmation, an OTP will appear on your mobile, after filling out you will be given a tracking ID(request ID).
  • You can track your lost/stolen mobile using it.

After getting the mobile you will have to unblock your IMEI number. First, you have to go to the official site of CEIR, then click on Unblock Found Option. In it, enter your mobile number and request-id and click submit.

How to Find Stolen or Lost Phone Using Find My Phone

  • Use find my device To use Android’s baked-in service you need to go Google Find My Device. This website is where you will go in the unfortunate event that you will lose your phone. Be sure to sign in to the same Google account which is linked to your Android phone.
  • Not near a ? You can use another Android device and the Find My Device app, which you will have to download from the Play Store separately. Soon after signing in to the site or app, Google will try to locate your phone.
  • An alert will be sent to your phone indicating that whoever has it is being tracked. Use the menu on the left side of the Find My Device site to play the sound (if you put it in your home incorrectly)! Lock your device or wipe the device completely.
  • Selecting a secure device will lock the phone, display a message of your choosing on the lock screen, and sign out of your Google account. Don’t worry, you can locate the phone even after it is locked. If you use Google Pay for mobile payments, locking your phone would make it impossible for anyone to use your account.
  • If you use the Erase Device feature, you will not be able to track the phone. Protect this facility as a last resort.
  • If your phone is switched off by the thief. you will not be able to track it until it turns back on and has no cellular or Wi-Fi connection. After locating your device Google will send you an email.
  • Once you find your phone, you will need to enter your PIN or passcode to gain access. That too should get rid of the lock screen message. You may also have to log in to your Google account, just to verify if you’re accessing the phone — you don’t need to turn off anything in the Find My Device app.

Some Important things You Should Know

Do not face the thieves

If your phone has been stolen, and you can track its location, don’t try to recover it on your own. Doing so can harm you or anyone else, and it’s simply not worth it, given the value of the phone. Instead, contact local law enforcement and tell them that you need assistance. for recovering a lost or stolen phone that you are able to track to a specific address.

Create a secure lock screen

  • Do yourself a favour, and authenticate your passcode and fingerprint. Do another favour to yourself and don’t use face recognition on your Android device.
  • On most Android devices, the technology used for facial recognition can be tricked into something as simple as a picture of your face.
  • Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are exceptions here.
  • As they use a more reliable system similar to Apple’s Face ID.
  • Next, create your passcode in the Settings app under the Security section and set up fingerprint authentication. I realize that it can be inconvenient to scan a fingerprint or enter a PIN code every time you want to use your phone.
  • but the idea of ​​having someone access your photos, banking apps, emails, and your personal information Is downright scary.
  • If you consider the potential effect of revealing your personal information to a stranger, an extra step to unlock your phone is worth the effort.

Turn on Google’s find my device feature

  • Whenever you sign in on an Android device with a Google account, Find My Device is already turned on. The Find My device is the one you use to track, phone, lock, and erase the remote anytime your phone.
  • By opening the Settings app and going to Security & Location > Find My Phone, you can check to make sure that My Device is activated. Alternatively, if your device does not have security and location options, go to Google> Security> Find My Device.
  • Must be turned on to find My device. If not, then slide the switch to ON this helps you lot in find lost phone.


I have described How to find our lost mobile phone using IMEI number. Using Google finds my device. also, describe some important useful things. you should follow. Comment below to tell which mobile you have lost or stolen. How did you like our given method?

Originally published at on January 28, 2020.