How To Stop Someone from Adding You To WhatsApp Group

3 min readOct 12, 2020

Hello friends, today I will tell explain you to how to stop someone from adding you to WhatsApp Group. WhatsApp group privacy settings prevent you from connecting people to WhatsApp groups. Whatsapp group is a very popular feature to keep in touch with friends and family around the world. However, to simplify things WhatsApp previously allowed anyone to add anyone to the WhatsApp group, as long as they had the contact number of the other person.

This added the mass issue of random people to random WhatsApp groups. After much user feedback, WhatsApp decided to fix the problem by giving privacy settings to prevent users from randomly adding users to WhatsApp groups. Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out these group privacy settings to everyone. The WhatsApp offers new group privacy settings on both Android and iPhone. Here’s how your smartphone can enable those settings.

How to Enable Group Privacy Settings on Your Smartphone

Before we tell you how you can apply these settings on your smartphone, make sure that you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp on your device. For Android, it’s version 2.19.308 and for iPhone, it’s 2.19.112. You can update by visiting the respective WhatsApp page on both the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone. Out of that way, just follow these steps.

How to stop someone from adding you to WhatsApp group on Android. If you’re an Android user, follow these steps to prevent people from adding you without permission to WhatsApp groups.

Whatsapp Group Privacy Option

  1. Tap Whatsapp on your Android smartphone and tap on the vertical three-dots icon at the top-right.
  2. Then tap Settings> Account> Privacy.
  3. Now tap on the group and select one of the three options given — everyone, except my contacts, or my contacts….
  4. If you pick them all, you can be added to groups by anyone.
  5. Only your contacts will connect you to WhatsApp groups after choosing My Contacts.
  6. Finally, the third option except My Contacts allows you to add only a select number of people to a WhatsApp group. You can either select the contacts one by one or you can also select all the contacts by tapping on the icon at the top-right. Such people will be inspired to give you a group invitation through a private chat. Instead, you will have three days before accepting or rejecting the group.

How to prevent someone from adding You to WhatsApp group on iPhone

If you use WhatsApp on the iPhone, here’s how you can prevent others from adding to the WhatsApp group.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone, and tap Settings on the bottom bar.
  2. Next, tap Account> Privacy> Groups.
  3. On the next screen, select one of the three options given — Everyone, except My Contacts and My Contacts. Here you can select the contacts one by one or you can select all the contacts by simply tapping on the select button at the bottom right.

How to Block Someone on Whatsapp

This method is telling you that because there are so many crazy people who are spamming in groups and private chats, then you can easily block him to follow our steps. By the way, it is quite easy. 90% of people know how to block someone on WhatsApp. But it is also important to know 10% of the people, that’s why we will tell you in this paragraph how you can block anyone on WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp app in your Device.
  • Tap the three dots(right side — top of corner) menu icon.
  • Go to Settings, then click on Account.
  • after Then click on Privacy.
  • Scroll down — then select Blocked Contacts.
  • Tap the add contact icon(Right side of the top corner).
  • Your Contact list will be shown.
  • Tap on — a small icon the shape of a person with a plus sign on the left(which you want to block).
  • A list will appear. Choose the contact you wish to block.


I have described How to stop someone from adding You to WhatsApp Group. also, tell how to block someone on WhatsApp. How did you find this trick and whether you could use this trick or not, comment below.

Originally published at on October 12, 2020.