How To Unlock Bootloader of Any Realme Devices[Guide]

3 min readOct 16, 2020


Today friends, I will tell you that how you can unlock the bootloader of any Realme devices. because 40% of peoples failed to perform this process. that’s why I will give you the best easy method to unlock the bootloader. in short, unlock bootloader process is used to perform the Rooting process in devices. By unlocking the bootloader, you can enable root access and flashing various customs ROMs, software and firmware in your device. so first we have to know that basic of the bootloader. so let’s start to know about the bootloader.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process, which is provided to remove the limitation of mobile devices. You can do anything on your mobile like remove the system, customize ROMs etc after Rooting. so if we want to root our mobile we should unlock our bootloader(for rooting or custom ROM’s).

What is Bootloader?

A bootloader is boot manager, where your system installed(just like BIOS). it is a small program. where you can manage the OS of your device. Using this, you can manipulate the internal programs of the system.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Device

Take these things ready before starting the process of Bootloader Unlock

Step 1. Make sure all your data is backed up because unlocking the phone will delete all your information.

Step 2. Make sure that your version of the firmware/system is official and new.

Step 3. Now Download and install the unlock tool apk in your phone.

Step 4. Follow these steps given below to unlock the bootloader.

  • Open the application and press Apply Start.
  • Please read the disclaimer in detail, select the checkbox, and submit your application.
  • The application will be checked by our servers.
  • Within approximately 1 hour, the unlock tool app will show the status of the unlock request — if it shows the unlocking is successful.
  • You can now click “Start the in-depth test” and the device will reboot automatically. Then on the screen, you see something like that: fast boot_unlock_verify ok
  • After the phone process over:
  • Download and install the fast boot tool on your PC and then use a cable to connect phone and PC. In Fastboot mode use engineering command.
  • -Enter the command: adb reboot bootloader
  • - Press “Enter” on your keyboard
  • - Enter the command: fastboot flashing unlock
  • - Press “Enter” on your keyboard
  • On your phone press the Volume Up key to select “Unlock” (or press the Volume Down key if you have changed your mind to select “Do not unlock bootloader”).
  • You enter the new interface displayed below if you click the Volume Up.

Then enter command “fastboot reboot”. Then the phone will reboot and enter the in-depth test mode — all user data on the phone will be erased — we recommend you perform a data backup before this process.


I have described how to unlock the bootloader of any realme devices. also, tell what is a bootloader and what is rooting. so we don’t suggest you do this because many disadvantages occur from this process. if you already did this then you should Relock bootloader of devices. So tell us about your rooting experience. and what task performed after unlocking the bootloader.

Originally published at on October 16, 2020.